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The historical capital of Lithuania is Trakai which is otherwise known as the ‘town of lakes’. Trakai town owns a unique castle which is the only one of its type in the entire Eastern Europe.
The castle is surrounded by waters on all four sides and is called the Trakai Island Castle. Though constructed in 1410 just after the famous Battle of Grünenwald as a defense fortress, it was turned into a residence of Grand Dukes of Lithuania Vytautas and Kęstutis. Later on, the Trakai Island Castle was used as a prison. At these times, however, it was almost completely neglected.

Trakai castle

The Trakai Island Castle today is the hub where plenty of concerts, events and festivals are held. In Lithuania, the castle is also considered to be one of the most beautiful historical monuments ever. In 1962, a museum was opened here. The Trakai Island Castle is also referred as the ‘Little Marienburg’.
It was built by the famous Grand Duke Kestutis and later completed by his son Vytautas, who died in the Trakai Island Castle in 1430. These rulers were very important characters in Lithuanian history thus the Trakai Island Castle had also had an important role in Lithuanian history.
Nowadays the Trakai Island Castle is the most important attractions in Trakai town which helps the settlement to be really distinguishing despite the fact it had lost its former political importance.
So, the Lithuanian capital was shifted from Trakai to Vilnius, but Trakai still remained as a very favourable place of residence for most of the royalty and nobles in Lithuania.

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What else to see?

In the Middle Ages Trakai was a multicultural colony. So far, Karaites consider Trakai their homeland. Be sure to try their meals, mostly a variety of kybyns. Each of you will choose according to your taste and lick your fingers.
Visit the amazing Užutrakis manor with a park created in the end of the nineteenth century by the famous French landscape architect and botanist Eduard Francois Andre. Užutrakis manor ensemble was built by Tiškevičiai in 1896-1902. The Italian neoclassical style palace was built by a Polish architect Joseph Hus. The palace was furnished in the style of the French King Louis XVI who adored luxury. The palace park is decorated with more than 20 ponds, and all of them along with the beautiful palace are surrounded by lakes Galve and Skaistis.
Trakai surrounding lakes invite you for swimming, yachting, water biking, boating, and you can also visit wetlands located near Trakai. If there is a desire you can ascend above the ground from Paluknis airfield located 30 km away from Trakai – you can take an entertainment flight or fly even further, to the Baltic Sea.


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See and do more in Trakai

The town is small enough for everything to be reached on foot.

  • Trakai Peninsula Castle.
    The older of the two castles of Trakai.
  • St. Mary Church.
    An important church, originally gothic, but strongly altered during the Baroque period.
  • Užutrakis Manor Estate
  • Karaite ethnographic exposition
  • Cycling around Galvė lake
  • Sailing on the Galvė lake

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